Website Design Ideas and Trends of 2016


Website Design Doha Qatar

Some website trends go as quickly as they come, and others stick around for awhile. What kind of design trends can Qatar businesses expect this year? The trend of users migrating from desktop searching to mobile searching is continuing to grow. This will be a major factor in many of the designs coming out in the near future. It’s at the point now at which mobile-friendliness is one of the fundamentals of web design.

If you are looking for some new ideas for Qatar website design in 2016, here are some of the trends:

Flattened designs

Website trends are going to continue flattening out. The flat design is going to be a dominate aesthetic throughout this year. Part of this reason is because lack of bevels makes a logo easier to view on a small display. A web page also loads faster when there is a flat design. Expect other elements such as images, icons, charts, etc. to get even flatter.

Full-screen forms

More apps and sites are going with full-screen input screens instead of just having a small form displayed on a portion of the page. Since more people are using touch screens, it makes sense to have a user-friendly design element that allows for users to easily type out words on the virtual keyboard with their finger. Full-screen forms also prevent the user from accidentally selecting the wrong option since the check boxes and buttons are large.

Long scrolling

A long, vertical design is now the norm with 2016 websites. It is no longer viable to place all important elements above the fold or to have multiple pages. Most internet users these days are accustomed to long scrolls on their mobile devices. This technique works particularly well for Qatar businesses that want to keep visitors paying attention through the use of storytelling. You can break the scroll into clear sections if you want to mimic a multi-page website in Qatar .

Greater focus on interactions

Designers are beginning to spend more time working on prototyping in the browser in order to focus on interactions rather than layout. Up until recently, the limitations of prototyping tools have been challenging to test with real, dynamic content. Now, there are many plug-ins to address this problem. Designers can now actually focus on interactions while working on the coding rather than taking the time to move content and information around. As a result, there are going to be many more techniques used to interact at a micro-level.

Bolder colors

In recent years, apps and websites have been sticking with web-safe colors for the most part, including muted colors, blues, and reds for notifications and alerts. This coming year, this trend may very well come to an end. The replacement will be a greater variation in brand colors – particularly bold and saturated colors that appear fluorescent or neon.

Small animations

When there are an increasing number of sites featuring a flat and vertical scrolling design from looking alike, tiny, subtle animations can be placed throughout the page. These animations can be used to allow users to carry out certain tasks smoothly and efficiently.

These are a few of the trends you can expect to be popular this upcoming year. Keep these design ideas in mind when working on a website that will attract Qatar visitors.